It takes a village.

Real, and virtual. Here are the parties involved at this stage of getting an album out:

  • the band, of course;
  • the “back office”, which handles (mostly physical) project management and finances and coordination;
  • the (physical media) distributor;
  • related to them, the production company that presses the vinyl and prints the packaging and so on;
  • the graphic designer for all the artwork (packaging, liner notes, book);
  • the photographer;
  • the translator;
  • the press text writer;
  • the yet to be signed digital distributor (though we know who it should be);
  • the publishing company, which is also our iTunes/Apple Music contact;
  • the press agent (for print media & online counterparts, primarily for the German-speaking region of the world);
  • the digital PR/marketing agency (for worldwide music platforms and social media);
  • the main tour promoter;
  • and their press/PR person, also primarily for Germany;
  • local promoters, especially for US;
  • and of course Patreon.

Which is to say, it’s a marvel that anything works at all.

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