All the accounts

Before we can do anything with online platforms and so on, we need to have access to the various accounts and get verified and all that.

Spotify: I’ve now verified the account, and have access to Spotify for Artists, where I can see how many people are listening right now, and what songs are most popular, and in what geographies and demographics. Cool.

Instagram has refused to verify me. I am not sure if it’s because I haven’t posted enough, or if I misunderstood how the process works. I am posting on behalf of the band, and they want a government ID of a person. From the advice online, I have uploaded my ID, but: nope. They don’t explain why not either, but I can try again another time.

Yesterday I just got verified by Apple Music for Artists, which gives me insight into songs played on the Apple Music as streaming service, purchased on iTunes, and searched for via Shazam. There you can really see the impact of the officially curated playlists: “Tanz Debil” is the top played track on Apple Music streaming, mostly because it has been put in a playlist called “Industrial Essentials”.

There is a account on Youtube but I cannot for the life of me figure out what email account is associated with it. I have tried the usual suspects and none of them work, plus the account only has old info and not a huge number of subscribers, so perhaps it would be easiest to start from scratch and build up a new one.

Our hosted video material is generally on Vimeo but I don’t know how many people actually use it for content discovery.

Facebook strategy is something I need to discuss with the professionals. As the fan base is relatively on the older side (yes I know, we are all not getting any younger) Facebook is still a relevant channel. There’s also various unofficial fan groups on the platform, which we should probably also encourage, despite the potential hassles.

I’ve created a twitter account but promptly forgot the password. I know, I know, I can recover it but: it’s just one platform too many. I don’t work well in short & snappy, and I would rather look at Instagram if I have to choose one.

Today we meet with our graphic designer to discuss physical formats, covers, liner arts, photos, book(let)s, packaging, etc. And we need to look through about 1000 photos from the photo shoot last month to choose some to be worked on for publicity photos and things. With a release date of May 15th, and the necessary lead-time for production and logistics and such, the clock is seriously ticking.